A sneakerbox design that is equal to sneaker design

Sneakerheads and design-conscious people like us have long struggled with shoe storaging concepts that are either too cheap, too impractical, or too expensive because they are made to fit A$AP's budget.

That's why we build clever sneaker boxes with which we can integrate our sneakers into our urban living spaces in an appealing and interesting way.

Built to last with durable, premium materials

Rckz sneakerboxes are made to last and to enjoy a quality equal to premium automotive interior — enabled by using equal synthetic material and high-standard production that is used in automotive section. 

About the founders

Rckz is a design project and a bootstrap directed by creative team Björn Jeske/Florian Voigt, founders of their partnership squirrel gmbh & co. kg in Hamburg/Germany. They love making creative ideas and bring them to live using design sprints — and in this case with the huge support of a living design and sneakerheads community.