We'll be back soon with new items ... We'll be back soon with new items ...

Thank you, fam!

Thank you, fam!

We hoped it and did a lot for it, but we didn't necessarily expect to get it this far together. Our product convinced 99% of our customers, no sh**, our return rate is close to zero, EU shipping works solid, we have sold RCKZ in 14 countries so far and we won't stop anytime soon.

So first thanks to all our crazy customers who gifted us with their trust!

We know that our shop has many visitors from all over the world but unfortunately we can't serve everyone yet 'cause outside the EU even more bureaucratic effort is necessary to send hot stuff from good ol' Germany... but to all you guys from Tokyo to Cape Town to L.A.: We just received a fresh EORI number and our first deliveries to the motherland of sneaker culture have been successful. (By the way a trivia: our first USA order didn't come from anywhere, but—as we couldn't have imagined this better—from the Bronx, NY. We understand this as a good sign so thanks to Michael P. in the freaking Bronx.)

To all supporters from our closer circle: You didn't just welcome us into the scene but many of you actively supported us with good vibes, good conversations and crazy contents. We know that this is not self-evident and priceless. And now, what can we do? Well, we can at least say THANK YOU. We love you and wish you all the best in life.

Thanks to everyone we forgot.

Special thanks to our production partner in beautiful Bavaria.
And very special thx to our families and kids for believing in us idiots.

See you 2020


📸 Romanov Pablovski