Sneaker storage

Sneaker storage

How do we store sneakers? We looked around to get some insights.

Type 1: has no shoe rack at all.

Yeah, shoe racks are usually so sexy you prefer to do without them right from the start. True. Unfortunately you only clean up when there’s a visit. But don't you deserve a little more dolce vitra at home? It’s up to. Just sayin’…

Type 2: calls sneakers still trainers.

That’s okay, in hip places you can call a sandwich a hoagie again. And you are something special anyway since you actually wear your sneakers. But you can wear only one pair at a time, right? Therefore at home: is this a shoe or can it be trashed?

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Type 3: You're hooked.

In an online self-test your outcome would probably be ’Risk of addiction’. Sounds good. But it looks bad in your Nike cave, more junky like. Good thing you can get boxes from the Swedes or from a dime shop around the corner. Fits well visually to your kicks, right?

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Type 4: Of course you 'Got 'em!' It's what you do.

You don’t queue up, at every pre-sale you're first. „No matter if it rains or snows not far from here is Sneaker-Joe“. Meanwhile at home: The DHL guy dropped eight packages already. You’re done with family planning, you need the kids’ room for your kicks. But there’s something you could learn from a toddler: a beach mussel collection is the hell presented better than your sneakers.

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