From many approaches, ideas, design research and strategic thoughts we develop a concept further: Kicks on the rocks. In our mind this is a block of ice, crushed into many pieces. Pieces that you can put back together again. Have it ur way, one would say in advertising. Alternative: Just what I want.

rckz sneakerbox polygonal stacking concept rckz sneakerbox concept sketch

Each sneaker box is part of a larger whole, each fits to the next, technically and aesthetically. The design should offer clear and blurred views of the sneakers, send nice light plays and abstract visuals. Exciting.

rckz sneakerbox computer aided design

Mentally we already build theme worlds (23 AJs in the hallway, Yeezy next to the record collection) and somehow celebrate this idea. But actually, this is where the digital construction begins and a lot of work lies ahead of us ...