Been a while since we’ve posted sth, huh? A lot has happened elsewhere though. What that was, what we’re up to, what might be our next move, well, we’d like to share here. So sign up to this blog, maybe we get back to you.

This has been a “Making of” blog on product design and to cover our first product launch activities. But it’s not that we'd be done with making RCKZ. Instead we’re far away from it, making of RCKZ means: MAKING every given day. Meet new people, get things done, get things dope, launch new collabs, tell fake dudes (“I can help you improve XY”) to fuck off. 

Everything’s design anyways. Every shot, every move, every collab. Human interaction, social, anti social. Real talk, u know. Everything’s a ‘Making of’. So maybe we’ll do spaced out interviews with special guests, or drop some black boxes, design a hippie-ish sneaker. Of course, our main goal stays blasting your homes, houses, and hearts (yeah, we’re very emotional) with RCKZ. Safe. Because you are worth it.