Drop 1

With dropping online, it would no longer be possible for us to check every delivered product ourselves. We had a pre-launch meeting in beautiful Bavaria, where the product is manufactured, and established a first general quality standard.

We can't start at Amazon world domination level anyway so why wait if we can learn quickly and provide first sneakerheads with the hottest boxes on planet Yeezy? We opened the web shop spontaneously. 

For the sake of simplicity, we started exclusively selling double packs. 10 days later our prepared items were gone, we collected first reviews and checked with some buyers. In our notepad we put down:

  • Shipping fees have to go down, talk to DHL
  • Shipping fees should be calculated dynamically in the checkout
  • 2% products were damaged, rethink packaging!
  • Bundle options would be appreciated

Drop 2

We realized the improvements for our second drop, went online again with new items, gone sold out, then noted down:

  • Sold and shipped to 9 EU states
  • Sales per user: extraordinary compared to e-com benchmarks
  • Conversion rate: Yes, hm, okay (1,83%)
  • Return rate: < 1%
  • Raffle Winners/Pop-Up Visitors bought again

We not only received good feedback when things went well but also when something failed (e.g. parcels to Spain caused address problems, we shipped out again, a few products were accidentally B-goods, we replaced them immediately).

There are startups with worse starting positions.

What would we do with our design project?

What would Pharrell do?

Stay tuned.