Design concepts

Ok, we're ready to tackle the sneaker storage problem. We create ideas and develop first design goals.

1) Versatility

We hunt down the Real McCoy of sneakerboxes who puts a new box in our nest when we need it, say float in with new AJs. Yet, it also should work for the minimalists with three pairs of ‘groovy’ Vans.

rckz sneakerbox concept ideation

2) Style — in any case

We're not Bauhaus' heirs more swag is fine. And timelessness is no real dogma for sneakers anyway. We liberate ourselves in search of exciting forms, perhaps colors, hypnotic patterns, something like that.

rckz design ideas research

3) Transparency

Your $2k grail? Okay, spotlight on in the glass cabinet. But what about the Stan Smith with vomit leftovers from your last night's party? It's about the right level of transparency, of showing off vs. cleaning up, and about casualness in general.

rckz design ideas material brainstorm

4) Living System

Sneaker collections grow and thrive. We are looking for a lively design that can grow with a collection. And we like to watch it grow. Please, don't bore me!

rckz design ideas mother nature inspirations