Now it's getting a bit nerdy so get a cold Coke, a little Vanilla Haze, and make yourself comfortable on the school bench. We're talking about pluggable systems and material and stuff like that.

rckz sneaker storage functional prototype

In contrast to the prototype the final product will be pluggable and will consist of 7 parts. A second prototype will help us to design and test all construction matters.

rckz sneakerbox functional prototype

Of course we also want to get to the sneakers when stacking. We pre-produce and test various door mechanisms.

rckz sneakerbox material inspection

We want to deliver a tough designer sneakerbox not a shaky bucket. We inspect plastics and develop a catalogue of requirements.

rckz sneakerbox prototype stackable

First Stack! Now that we have two prototypes we can stack for the first time. The polygons grip. That's right. Awesome. Works!