RCKZ x Audi

Imagine you're a startup and have just launched your first product when one of the biggest, one of the most design, one of the most premium car brands in the world asks, “You’re cool joining our car launch Europe and introduce your product and skills to the public?” Nice. We’re in.

RCKZ chosen as Audi Design Startup

RCKZ worked out a performance together with Audi's Product Designers and hit the road to introduce the A1 citycarver and the RCKZ sneakerbox, respectively.

Florian Voigt RCKZ

Flo Voigt RCKZ

 Audi RCKZ Design Presentation

Björn Jeske RCKZ Design Presentation

About 100 journalists, corporate guests, bloggers, and influencers drove-in at our home base in Hamburg-Altona. In small groups, we involved our guests in RCKZ and Audi design works: How are ideas made in Ingolstadt with a 400 employee strong design center? How do we design and create as a startup on the other hand? And why did Tinker Hatfield design an AJ although Michael had stopped playing Basketball?

We had ping pong creative presentations (basically performing this Making of RCKZ-blog live and uncut), we had interactive workshops, live talks, prototypes, demos, sketches, Audi x Lifestyle x RCKZ, test drives, boxes, sneakers, next group, photo shooting, HYPE! A thousand new stories and a hundred new people. Insights, thinking, attitude, Zeitgeist, design. Yeah ... we felt it.

RCKZ x Audi Screenshots