Hi! We're RCKZ.

With RCKZ® sneaker box Florian Voigt and Björn Jeske, also known as squirrel, have created a unique sneaker box to display sneakers at home. With pride, taste, and style.

“We're proud we’ve managed to make the final product affordable AND to have it produced in Germany. Outstanding in design, production quality, yet produced under fair working conditions.” —Florian Voigt, Co-Founder, Creative & Marketing

“Our mission is to honor the art of sneakers with our design. We don't offer a container like ‘rest in peace, sneaker’, we help making sneaker display an exciting and fun interior thing.” —Björn Jeske, Co-Founder, Creative/Designer

Founder story

About 10 years ago, Florian Voigt and Björn Jeske started a creative partnership called squirrel. Their focus was on designing and consulting new things for corporate clients, but on the side, they created ideas for startups and followed own visions.

Since its first public appearance in 2019, the sneaker box by RCKZ has made its way into the grail chambers of sneakerheads all over the world, attracted creative collaborators, dead stock sneaker stores and creative brands who passionately support the mission of the RCKZ brand.


    • 2018 Design & Pre-production
    • 2019 Production & Drop 1-3
    • 2020 Product update & Drop 4


Designed in Altona.
Produced in Bavaria.
Made in Germany.

We live and work in Hamburg (Germany). Mainly from Altona. Our production is located in Bavaria.


Creating. Making. Trying. Improving. Having fun. Too many brillant ideas never reach the light of the day ‘cause someone “changes strategy”, loses his balls or something. This is not true for RCKZ. RCKZ is always open for new ideas, creative collabs, design challenges. RCKZ is hate something, change something, make something better.

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