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.... so we had some success with our first pop-up. Now we needed to find out how the product is received when bought online, and wanted to give our sneaker family a first chance to buy online. We opted for a raffle on Instagram.

Our questions

What if you can't see the product live and can't feel the quality, but have to make the purchase decision by more or less good pictures?

How do we package and ship safely? We design packaging and shipping methods in advance and want to confirm our assumptions by sending them to the winners.

Rckz Branded Packaging


The results

Of course we also got many sad smileys back, but that's standard with raffles and limited drops. The important news: They were not from the winners.

Those were like:

Sneaker Box Customer Review Instagram Stories

sneaker box customer review instagram stories

Rckz Sneakerbox Customer Review Instagram

Our packaging design withstood DHL's tortures across Europe, no product was returned, and the sneaker boxes are perceived as more convincing than on the pictures.

Based on the raffle experiences we revise our online shop and implement our shipping and packing tests at our fulfillment service. 

rckz sneaker box double pack shipping package

For the next drop.

Thanks to everyone who took part!