Sneakerbegriffe erklärt — von A.C.G bis Yeezy

Sprichst du Sneaker?

Wie viele andere Subkulturen, hat auch die Sneakerwelt eine eigene Sprache, die für Uneingeweihte wie eine Fremdsprache klingt. Wenn du neu in dieser Welt bist, kann es schon einschüchternd sein… Aber selbst wenn du schon seit Jahren am Start bist, gibt es vielleicht trotzdem ein paar Begriffe, die du noch nie gehört hast.

Ein Anfänger-Leitfaden für Sneakerteminologie.

  • "A.C.G" - All Conditions Gear, a brand of sneakers produced by Nike
  • "Beaters" - sneakers worn despite creases, scuffs, stains, and smell
  • "Bred" – black and red sneakers
  • "B Grade" – shop-worn seconds sold at a discount
  • "Coke whites" – pristine white sneakers
  • "Crispy" – clean
  • "Colorway" - The combination of colors or symbols on a pair of sneakers
  • "Cop" (used as a verb) – as in to purchase or acquire
  • "Cozy boy" - fashionable but also comfortable
  • "Deadstock" – pair of sneakers that has never been worn
  • "Deubre - also called lace tags are popular on shoes like Air Force Ones
  • "Dope" – fashionable
  • "Double up" - Buying two identical pairs of sneakers
  • "Feezy" - fake Yeezys
  • "Fire" – very good
  • "Fresh" – new and cool
  • "Fugazi" – fake
  • "Goat" – greatest of all time
  • "Garms" – clothes
  • "Grail" – very rare sneakers, as in Holy Grail
  • "GR" – general release, or common
  • "Gum sole" - sneakers with solid rubber soles
  • "Heat" – rare sneakers that draw looks
  • "Hypebeast" – trendies who only buy the latest release. Hypebeasts buy whatever the celebrities are wearing and tend to copy people like Kanye West.
  • "High Top(s)" - a shoe that rises above or on the ankle mainly used for ankle support during sports.
  • "JB" - the Jordan Brand logo (see below)
  • "Jumpman" – basketball player Michael Jordan, also can refer to the Jordan logo depicting Michael often seen on the shoes.
  • "Ice" – sneakers with transparent soles
  • "Instacop" – impulse buying
  • "Kicks" – shoes
  • "L" – loss/unable to purchase
  • "Lit up" – great
  • "Lows" - also called low tops are shoes that sit below the ankle
  • "Nib" – unworn, new in the box
  • "OG" – original, derived from the term "original gangster"
  • "Quickstrikes" – limited edition sneakers and prototypes with a regional early release, especially Nikes, and are highly desirable status symbols for American sneaker collectors.
  • "Reseller" – a person who buys large quantities of unworn popular sneakers to sell at a profit
  • "Red October" - all red sneakers
  • "Sitting" – referring to sneakers produced in large quantities that go unsold
  • "Steezy" – stylish
  • "Tonal" - Sneakers in a single color, as in monotone.
  • "Unauthorised" – counterfeit
  • "VNDS" - Very Near Deadstock, sneakers of a dubious quality
  • "W" – win/successful purchase
  • "Wild" – amazing
  • "Yeezy" – sneakers designed by rapper Kanye West

Source: by Alina Grubnyak on Unsplash

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